HSK 3 Revision and Practice

Course Summary

HSK 3 Revision and Practice is to support those learners who are preparing for the HSK 3 test. Learners will have a total of 12.5 direct contact hours over the period of five weeks. This course is composed of three parts – mock tests, revision and practice. In this course, learners will have the opportunity to take a simulated test to help them understand the structure of the HSK 3 test. Revision is based on the four mock tests, where the teacher will identify the individual needs of students and suggest the necessary test skills. In addition to the mock tests and revision, 600 HSK 3 vocabulary and key grammatical structures will be reviewed and practised in this course.

Course Details

Date: 29 June – 27 July, 2021

Time: Tuesday, 10am-12.30

Price: £102/£68 concession (materials not included)

Teaching Methods

The class is structured in two stages. A student-centred learning and teaching method is applied in the first stage. A simulated test environment is created to encourage students to familiarise themselves with the real test on their exam day. At the end of each session, additional mock papers will be given to students as homework. The teacher will go through the paper in the next session. During the revision, a clinic study style will be applied. Teachers will identify the areas students need to improve, and provide the learners with the strategies of dealing with the scenarios similar to the test.

The second stage is a teacher-centred teaching style. The teacher will go through the 600 HSK 3 vocabulary and focus on some common grammatical problems that arise among Mandarin language learners.

Essential Readings

Hanban. (2018) Official Examination Papers of HSK – Level 3 2018 Edition. Beijing: Higher Education Press.

Supplementary materials prepared by the teacher.

How strong is your vocabulary?

Try our Vocabulary On-line Self-practice to find out! Student will receive a full set of online practice in class. Before you start the class, why not try one of the below categories first?

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