The Institute’s small library offers a range of materials in both English and Chinese including English/Chinese novels, books on Chinese art, architecture, business, cuisine, politics, religions, etc. as well as Chinese language DVDs and an extensive collection of learning materials. The majority of books and learning resources have been donated by Hanban sponsor of the Confucius Institute network along with those books donated by Shanghai Library under a special initiative Window of Shanghai.

Special Collection

In addition, the library has a special collection of English language books The Scotland/China Collection which have been donated personally by Graham Thompson and other friends of the Institute. Many Scots have lived and worked in China as government officials, soldiers, business people, missionaries and travellers while in smaller numbers, Chinese people have been coming to Scotland to study and work since the mid-19th century.

Using The Library

The library is normally open: Mon – Fri 10am-5pm
We recommend phoning in advance of a visit as this room is also used for meetings.

The East Asian Collections at the University of Edinburgh

The East Asian studies collections at the University’s main library holds a wide range of materials in Chinese. The subjects include: arts, humanities and social sciences such as language, classic and modern literature, history, religion, education, law, economics, and political studies. Check out how to find Chinese material at the University of Edinburgh main library, please visit here.

Further Information