Online HSK (Home Edition) Exams 11 December, 2021

The Confucius Institute for Scotland is offering interested candidates new opportunities to take the HSK Chinese language proficiency exams online at home. The Online HSK (Home Edition) Exams will take place on Saturday 11 Dec, 2021. If you are interested in sitting this exam, please read the following instructions carefully and register for the exam by 6pm, Thursday 25  Nov, 2021.

Pre-registration Checklist 

1/ Please confirm that you will sit this exam from a UK address – candidates outside of the UK unfortunately cannot sit this exam with our test centre.

2/ Please confirm that the PC or laptop you will use for your exam(s) has a Windows (7/10) operating system. The exam software is not designed to run on Apple OS or IOS devices and so we only recommend using Windows devices.

3/ Please check that the display resolution of your screen is at least 1440×900 (you can find the setting in “Display settings” on your computer).

4/ Please confirm that the PC or laptop you will use for your exam(s) is equipped with a webcam above 0.3MP.

5/ During the online exam, you will require a second device with a camera and internet connection (e.g. a mobile phone) to provide alternative angle for the exam invigilators. Please download the Zoom app on your device before the exam.

Exam Registration 

If you have met all requirements above, you can now proceed to the registration stage of your exam. Please follow the 2-stage registration and payment process to register your chosen level(s).

Step One: Register your exams at the Chinese Testing International (CTI) website directly. Please follow this step-by-step HSK Registration Guide to make your registration. Exams on 11 Dec at our test centre are shown as “Online Chinese Test (Home edition)” in the CTI website during your registration. The exams will be run remotely on the day and you will take the exams at home. 

Step Two: Pay the exam fee via the University of Edinburgh’s ePay website.

Online HSK (Home Edition) Exams workshop

Due to the new format of the exam and the specific exam requirements on the day, our Institute is inviting registered exam candidates to join an Online HSK (Home Edition) exam workshop, one week before the exam date. Details of the workshop will be made available after the exam registration deadline (25 November).

If you have any questions regarding the Online HSK (Home Edition) Exam, please contact the Confucius Institute for Scotland exams team ( for assistance.