Historic Date – First HSK Examinations in Scotland

Sunday May 24 2009 was an historic date. A pioneering group of higher education and workplace students undertook the official Chinese language proficiency test known as HSK.

HSK is the Chinese equivalent of the widely established English language IELTS test


While the numbers taking this first HSK examination are small, student registrations at the Confucius Institute have grown by 130% over the last year. Ranging in age from 14 to 60+ the majority of students are in the 25-45 age bracket. Move than 70% of students are motivated adult learners the majority of whom are working full time.


The top three reasons for learning Chinese are:

  • Travelling to China for work, holiday or further study
  • Want to develop the language skill to help career
  • Partner is Chinese


Our pioneer HSK candidates have a place in the history of the Confucius Institute for Scotland and we thank them for their involvement.