Chinese Bridge – Competition

For the opportunity to win a trip to China and other amazing prizes read on to discover more about this global language and cultural competition.

Since its launch in 2002 over 50,000 students from 59 countries have participated and almost 600 students have been invited to China to attend the semi-finals and finals.

In addition to testing language proficiency, the competition test knowledge of China, cultural skills and understanding. There is huge scope to demonstrate cultural skills and understanding through e.g. Kongfu, Taichi, calligraphy, music, paper-cutting etc. As well as Grand First, Second and Third prizes there are a number of special awards for individuals such as Best Presentation, Best Performance, Best Eloquence, Best Tutor etc.

Those preliminary contest winners are invited to the finals in China and will have a very good chance to win a scholarship to further their Chinese studies in China.

The 9th `Chinese Bridge` competition will take place in London on Saturday 13th March 2010. For more info please visit theĀ Chinese Bridge website