The Show

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010 from Thursday 5th to Sunday 22nd August


China has a rich heritage of music and dance.  Much of that richness comes from the 55 ethnic minority groups of which the Dong and Miao peoples are but two.

The extraordinary polyphonic songs, musical instruments, and dances, most of which have never been seen or heard outside China are brought to you by 16 performers who come the south-eastern corner of the south-western province of Guizhou.  

Exuberant drumming, dramatic dance, heartfelt singing, and glorious ethnic costumes create a spectacular show.  From the Wood Drum Dance of the Miao people – known as ‘oriental disco’ for its frenetic movements - to the ethereal beauty of the love songs of the Dongzu, the ensemble, wearing stunning headdresses, amazing silver jewellery and playing ethnic instruments will enthral, delight and reveal the rich cultural heritage practiced even today in their remote mountain homes in southwest China.

Review:  New York Times  Oct 26 2009
Carnegie Hall, New York 23 October ‘Taste of China’ including Female Singing Group of Dong People.

‘A sparkling set of songs’ ….  ‘Multifarious and splendid music making’  
‘..classic songs … evoking first cicadas, then cuckoos, to brilliant and amusing effect.’  

DATES 5-22 August 2010 1.40pm -2.40pm (no shows on 8th, 11th and 18th)

Half price previews on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th August £6.00 per person.

Weekday discount tickets £10 (£8)

Weekend tickets £12 (£10)

Family tickets also available