Top Ten Chinese DVDs
Free Loan

While Edinburgh’s Int’l Film Festival has a number of Chinese movies on offer from 17-28 June, year round we have a wide ranging selection of subtitled Chinese Language DVDs available at no charge for home viewing. Below are the “Top Ten” films as shown by their ranking on the IMDb website in spring 2015.

Check out the hyper-linked reviews  and decide whether you want to improve your ear via Drama, Comedy, Action, Adventure History,  Romance –  or some combination of various genres  Those already holding a membership of the Confucius Institute for Scotland can simply drop in during office hours to pick up your favoured DVD.  Not yet in membership? Do join us!

All DVD’s are offered free of charge and subject to availability on a one week loan basis.


  1. A Dream of Red Mansions, (Hong lou meng) Directed by Fan Cen.
    Drama1962 – Review score 8
  2. Bitter Tea Directed by Cai Cai Lu
    Drama, Fantasy – 2010 – Review score 7.5
  3. My 1919 Directed by Jian-xhong Huang.
    Drama – 1999 – Review score 7.3
  4. You and Me  Directed by Liwen Ma
    Drama – 2005 – Review Score 7.2
  5. A Sigh Directed by Xiaogang Feng.
    Drama/Family/Romance – 2000review score 7.1
  6. Chinese Odyssey Directed by Jeffrey Lau
    Comedy/Romance/Action – 2002 – review score 7.1
  7. For the Children aka Pretty Big Feet Directed by Yazhou Yang
    Drama  2003- Review score 7.1
  8. Life Show  Directed by Jianqi Huo
    Drama 2002 – review score 7
  9. The Parking Attendant In July  Directed Zhanjun An
    Drama – 2004- Review score 6.9
  10. The Parking Attendant In July  Directed Zhanjun An
    Drama – 2004 review score 6.9

‘Bubbling under’ are an array of other DVD’s also offered on the same basis as the top ten.