Military Ethics Conference
Sat 31 Oct 2015

A unique public day long conference on Chinese and Western Approaches to Military Ethics: Ethics Education, Decision Making and Scholastic Traditions will run at the Confucius Institute for Scotland in the University of Edinburgh on Saturday 31 October 2015.Banner

The conference is an open event for which registration is required.  The programme for this can be downloaded here as a Military Ethics Conference Programme

Approaches to military ethics are undergoing review in Chinese and Western academies, faced with common or comparable problems: changes within the armed forces and within society; new educational, technological and professional demands placed on the military; and developing debates over the relationship between contemporary ethical initiatives and the intellectual resources offered by historic Chinese and Western just war theories.

Expanding contact through international missions, particularly for peacekeeping purposes, has lent further impetus to the drive for greater mutual understanding within both military and diplomatic institutions.

The academic literature comparing Chinese and Western approaches stretches from works suggesting great similarities to essays focused on perceived differences, historical, conceptual, political, and strategic.

This conference will bring Chinese, British, American and other academics together with non-academic interlocutors with specialist interests in comparing approaches to military ethics and to professional ethics education.

Please see the downloadable PDF for full details. To register please use this Eventbrite booking link.