First night review: It’s Only Words

Scotland China Association Website Editor Graham Thompson attended the first night of Its Only Words from Chinese speaking Louise Reay. His verdict? “This show is a lot of fun!”

Graham also said “True to the show’s claim, even someone who understands very little Chinese can get a lot of laughs from her performance, and quite a few clever insights into human behaviour. Chinese-speaking friends who saw the show reported her Chinese language was spot on – both in meaning and style of delivery – so Chinese visitors to Edinburgh may find this very entertaining ! 这一喜剧小品也会赢得中国游客的兴趣 !”   Read the full review here

The first edition of fest one of the many publications designed to help audiences find shows also carries an interesting read about Louise and her motivation for the show. Despite studying the language and living in Beijing she struggled to pick up on non verbal clues. “I realised that I had spend either years learning vocabulary but it was never really about the words”.  Her mission is to make comedy out of “universal human experiences rather than national differences”. Does she succeed?  Absolutely.

Practical comment? – the venue is small so book early to ensure you get a seat.  In common with many Fringe venues it can get warm so be prepared.

It’s Only Words, daily at 16.15 except 18 August at the Community Project’s Little Kirk, at the bottom of Candlemaker Row. Book here.