Autumn Language Classes Sept-Dec 2016

The autumn programme of Chinese language classes for students of all levels will start from w/b 26 September.  On line booking is now available. 

Please note that online booking closes on the day the class starts after which bookings can be made directly to the Confucius Institute – subject to places being available.

Our students enjoy their learning at the Institute
Initially learning Chinese is like playing with Lego. The word simply slot together. THere are no male or female nouns, no changes for tenses and no plurals!
Lucas Cloveralcolea, Level 1

Our teachers from our partner Fudan University, in Shanghai, come highly recommended.
Our teacher is fabulous! She explains everything very well, encourages us to speak and really adds to what the textbook offers.
Ann Roodt, Level 2 Student

Classes are attended by a wide range of students.
My class has a diverse range of students of all ages and from a wide range of countries. The atmosphere is always warm, friendly and encouraging. James Hagerty, Level 3 Student

Motivations for learning are many and various.
I love learning Chinese. For me its a hobby, a challenge and very satisfying.
Felicity Rodner, Level 4 Student

To find out more or to register for a class please go to our online booking link page.