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  • Business Lecture Patrick Horgan, Rolls-Royce – Podcast

    For those who missed the excellent talk last month from  Patrick Horgan, OBE, Regional Director, North-East Asia for Rolls-Royce we are pleased to offer you the chance to hear his talk via this podcast.   Patrick, a graduate of Oxford University, and a Mandarin speaker with a background which spans business, diplomacy and cultural relations, is Regional ...
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  • Asian Studies Seminar: On Feeding the Masses 12 Oct 5pm

    This Asian Studies Seminar exploring why China’s food safety system is failing, despite concerted state efforts to reform its regulatory framework will be given by John Yasuda, Assistant Professor from Indiana University’s School of Global and International Studies, Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures. Seminar Rather than pointing to lack of state capacity, level of ...
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  • Literary Beijing under Globalisation: Xu Zechen 15 Sept 2pm

    We are delighted to bring back to Edinburgh, one of the upcoming new stars on Chna’s literary scene. In this special event titled Literary Beijing under Globalisation, Xu Zechen will talk about the representation of Beijing in literature from post-imperial to modern times, including the new Beijing that has emerged since China’s Opening Up as ...
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  • Gender Statistics & Local Governance 24 May 5.30pm

    Guest Lecturer Lanyan Chen from Nipissing University, Canada will talk on the topic of Gender Statistics and Local Governance in China on Tuesday 24th May at 5.30pm. ABSTRACT Gender statistics provide an essential tool to mainstream gender equality in policymaking through the recognition of gender differences in all fields of life. It is a legacy of feminist ...
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  • Chinese Independent Doc. Films
    Xu Xing 26-27 May

    Xu Xing: History, Memory & Legacy Tracing Vestiges of the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) This year our second programme of truly remarkable cutting-edge, independent, documentary filmmaking from China including screenings of films rarely shown & with the opportunity for discussions with the director features the award winning novelist and film maker Xu Xing. Download the Full Programme ...
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  • Prof Adam Smith – Origins of Writing Keynote: 20 May 6pm

    “The Beginnings of Writing in China: Managing Livestock and Anxiety” The National Museum of Scotland holds the largest collection of inscribed ancient Chinese oracle bones (1800 fragments from c.1300 BCE) in Europe (the second biggest outside of Asia), donated by two Scottish missionaries in 1909.  A three day academic conference will take place in the University of Edinburgh ...
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  • Prof Kai Vogelsang, 19 May
    Distinguished Lecture: 6pm

    Getting the Terms Straight: Politics, State & Law in the Discourse of Chinese ‘Legalism’ ‘Legalism’ is a stepchild of Chinese tradition. Long neglected by Chinese and Western scholars alike, it has until today not been properly understood. The burden of traditional terminology especially seems to have weighted down sinological scholarship and blocked inter-disciplinary approaches to the ...
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  • Distinguished Lecture Podcasts: Prof Qin Hui & Prof Yuri Pines

    For those who missed the February or March 2016 Distinguished Lectures by Professor Qin Hui, Tsinghua University and Professor Yuri Pines we are pleased to provide these podcasts. Prof Qin Hui: “Confucian Values and English Constitutional Monarchy: Historical Routes of China’s Modernization” Prof Yuri Pines, “Empire without Emperors? Rethinking Aspects of China’s Modernisation” SYNOPIS FOR PROF QIN ...
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