Lunchtime Guest Lecture Friday – November 2012

`Social security in China` is the focus of a lunchtime talk (lunch is available) at the Confucius Institute from Dr Chun Ding, economics professor from Fudan University.

As director of the Centre for European Studies, Professor Ding’s research is focused on social and economic issues in Europe such as European integration, the welfare state, social security and health care systems.

A German and English speaker his career has seen him spend time in Europe in Zurich University, Essen Duisburg University and with the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Germany.
Professor Ding holds a number of high level appointments including member of the Global Agenda Council on Europe, the World Economic Forum (Davos), Vice President of the Chinese Society for EU Studies he is also responsible for the compilation of the Annual Report on European Economic Development.

In this special seminar Professor Ding will touch on significant social policy issues for China such as the development of social security system in China since 1949 under the central planning model; rationale for reform of the Chinese social security system; the focus on pension and medical insurance system; the social security system in rural areas; achievements and defects in the Chinese economy; the impact of anti-poverty measures and problems and challenges for the Chinese social security system.

VENUE: Confucius Institute for Scotland, Abden House, EH16 5HP
TIME : 12.00-1.30pm for lecture and Q&A
LUNCH: 1.30-2pm Sandwich Lunch

The event is open to all but booking is requested especially if you are planning to stay for lunch. Please email or call on 0131 662 2180