`How China thinks` guest lecture – May 2008

Prof Liu Dong of Peking University will talk on `Principles of Uncertainties in the field of Chinese Studies` in Appleton Tower from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

Doors will open at 5.30 and the lecture will begin at 6pm.

Liu Dong is Professor in Comparative Literature at Peking University and one of China`s leading intellectuals who also engages in public debates. Liu Dong has published numerous articles on Chinese intellectual history, reflecting on theories and practices of the field itself and defending Confucianism as practiced in contemporary China. He is editor of a large publications series in China as well as chief editor of the most important international intellectual journal `China Scholarship` (Zhongguo xueshu) in China.

Liu Dong is renowned for giving provocative talks and this one will be no exception. In `Principles of Uncertainties in the field of Chinese Studies`

Liu Dong challenges methodological and theoretical approaches from Western scholarship on China while he at the same time criticizes blind application of Western models by Chinese scholars, especially those studying abroad, which he occasionally mocks as `pidgin scholarship`.

This will be the first in a series of talks, organised by the Confucius Institute, on `how China thinks`, presented by leading Chinese intellectuals.