Music & Learning Resources

To encourage wider participation and learning about China and Chinese the Institute has a range of resources which can be loaned – free of charge – to schools, educational organisations and the wider community for agreed purposes and duration.

Music Resources

The unique sound of Peking University’s traditional Chinese orchestra rang through Canongate Kirk at a special concert given by Peking University. This short clip video features Yang Qin, Ruan and Erhu- and a range of percussion instruments – some of which we can offer on loan.


In addition to the general library resources of the Institute we have available some sets of ‘talking posters’. With Hanban’s foundation level talking poster sets, Chinese language teachers have an interactive learning resource to complement their in class teaching. The full set comprises 36 posters, 1 tube, 1 talking pen, 1 speaker and 1 pointer. Covering topics such as Numbers, Colours, Animals, Food, Classroom, Supermarket, Bedroom, Traditional Festivals, Scenic Spots in China, Chinese Opera – as well as more basic posters introducing the phonetic initials, finals, radicals, strokes & characters, colourful pictures illustrate each word and Point and Read allows the student to hear the word spoken in English and Chinese.

For more information please visit the manufacturers website. To place a borrowing request for a poster set please email or call us on 0131 662 2180.


Private classes, calligraphy demonstrations and workshops can all be booked via the Institute.  Please contact us with details of your requirements by email or call us on 0131 662 2180. For ore information on the art of Calligraphy and our timetables classes please click here.