Shanghai and the 2010 Expo

A special exhibition, curated by the Confucius Institute on the history of Shanghai and the 2010 Expo opens this week.

Shanghai Expo 2010, with the theme `Better City, Better Life`, will explore the full potential of urban life in the 21st century, a significant period in urban evolution with 55% of the world`s population currently living in cities.

With over 70 million people expected to visit the Expo over its 184 day life, the Confucius Institute has created a special exhibition and website on Shanghai and the Expo to provide advance information.

The first venue for the Exhibition is at the Scottish Government HQ at Victoria Quay, Edinburgh. During February, senior school pupils from Scottish schools, will visit the exhibition to gain insight into the history of the city of Shanghai and the plans for the 2010 Expo.

While this venue has restrictions on access further venues will be announced on our website as dates are confirmed. Meantime visit our micro site to find out more about Shanghai and the 2010 Expo.