Learn to play Yang Ch`in – July 2010

Discover the music that can be made on the beautiful Yang Ch’in (Chinese Hammered Dulcimer) with our summer school workshop programme offering four hours of tuition and up to four hours for self practice.

Yang Ch’in playing is melodic, rhythmical and melodious. It is a key instrument within a Chinese orchestra. The instrument is portable and can be played initially without the need to read music.

Led by Kimho Ip, Yang Ch`in performer and musical curator at the Institute, workshop sessions take place on Saturday 24th and Saturday 31st July from 10am-noon.

At the first workshop you will learn the structure of the instrument, the technique of using the ‘hammers’ and begin to create pentatonic chord patterns to delight the ears.

Between the two workshops, you can book up to four hours for self-practice time at the Institute. This will allow you to practice the technique of using the hammers and will help extend your knowledge and confidence before returning to work again with Kimho for the second workshop. Practice times can be booked Monday – Friday between 09.30 and 16.30.

In the second workshop participants will learn to play up to three traditional Chinese tunes as a group. This session will also introduce basic knowledge required to maintain of the instrument including tuning, changing keys etc.

And, should you have fallen under the spell of the Yang Ch`in, advice on purchasing a suitable instrument is also available. Prices start from around £400 including delivery.

The cost of the course is £125 for four hours of tuition and up to four hours of self practice. Classes are restricted to a maximum of six students. The ratio of instruments to students is 1:2.

To register,please download, complete and return the PDF registration form form along with payment made out to the University of Edinburgh. If you have any questions please contact us on 0131 662 2180.

PDF Registration Form