Dumpling Dreams – August 2014

Summerhall Courtyard is the place to find the unique Rickshaw Theatre where from 11-25 August stories of daily life in China will be shared.

Scotsman Review
`In a production that makes the consequences of globalisation personal, its impressively powerful stuff` ****

Fest Magazine Review
`This delicate and sweet-natured performance clashes cultures on very personal and emotive footing ****

Broadway Baby
An unusual and curious idea, this is a meeting of cultures that typifies the spirit of the Fringe ****

STV Review
In the rickshaw a pair of performers create a miniature world for an audience of only two. Step into the rickshaw, sip a cup of Jasmine tea, relax for ten minutes, choose an object and enter the world of Dumpling Dreams

… `What do Westeners eat?` ponder the women working in a Shenzhen factory making outsized jeans.

`How many eggs do I need to pay for a year`s school fees and books?` wonders a 7 year old girl in a Shandong village.

When a women`s baby daughter falls down a well and her fellow villagers say, `Leave her there, she`s a girl`, what can she do?

Through image, music and words in a mix of Mandarin and English, no two stories are the same, but all of them are true. The performers dreams will be complemented by a programme of short films, music, crafts and pop-up events all centred round the Rickshaw.

About this project

The Confucius Institute for Scotland is proud to be one of the sponsors of this fringe production which has resulted from the work of a number of innovative organisations and individuals in China as outlined below.

The Beijing Community Rickshaw Project is the first to work exclusively out of a rickshaw; Hua Dan Theatre is a pioneering Chinese NGO that uses grassroots theatre to work with migrant women, workers and families in urban Beijing and rural Sichuan; entrepreneur, Li Peng and Jessica Fusco-Naish work between China and Europe to support artistic exchange. None receive any state funding in China and exist on donations, sponsorship and small self- generated projects. Tinderbox Theatre Project, and the Red Field are respectively Edinburgh and Fife based community outreach companies whose vision, commitment and hard work have been essential in enabling Dumpling Dreams to come to the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Fringe Details and Advance Booking