International Business Conference – October 2009

Event Date: 28/10/2009

Sponsored by the Confucius Institute for Scotland, the University of Edinburgh Business School will be hosting a conference on 29-30 October 2009. Organised by Dr Ling Liu and Professor John Henley, the theme of the conference is: ‘The State and the Internationalisation of Business: Is There a China or India Model?’.

The governments of China and India have pursued significantly different economic development paths over the past two decades, yet each has achieved significant economic growth. China is developing an outward-oriented, collectivist growth strategy, whilst India prefers a domestic-oriented, large business in-house driven political economy compatible with mass democracy; yet each has presented an increasing integration with the world economy in terms of international trade and foreign direct investment. Going into the current global financial crisis, both China and India have substantial foreign exchange reserves, yet retain dissimilar economic structures. The conference will seek to explore whether there is a convergence or divergence of the internationalisation paths of China and India and to project the future position of China and India in the world economy.