Business Language Courses

For most business people the idea of learning Chinese can be daunting. While it is certainly true that an extensive period of study is required to achieve a meaningful level of fluency we can help beginners start to develop some confidence in using the language either for social engagement or more specific communication purposes.

For those who already have Chinese language skills we also offer bespoke courses to develop an appropriate Business Chinese vocabulary or language skills as required.

Survival chinese – 6 HOURS

This is a short course designed for executives who travel to China and/or receive Chinese delegations. This course will teach useful words and phrases that will help initial nteraction with Chinese counterparts.

Chinese Tea TrayEmphasis on this course is placed on simple pleasantries and useful expressions that enable the learner to achieve a degree of independence within defined communicative situations. Key contents of the course include Chinese pronunciation, Chinese names and work titles, and a range of pleasantries in normal communication settings (e.g. greetings, making acquaintance, expressing gratitude, ordering food, proposing a toast, asking for directions, exchanging farewells, etc). Learners who memorise and regularly practice the communication phrases will find subsequent trips to China or receiving visiting delegations more enjoyable and rewarding.

This course is offered on a one-to-one or small group basis only and requires a minimum of four 1.5 hours face-to-face teaching. PowerPoint slides and hard-copy handouts will be used in class. After each face-to-face class, a short follow-up Skype call will be offered to help learners consolidate what has been learnt. Audio documents for the class materials and additional reading materials are also provided to support learners’ self revision and further study.

This course is not a progressive or foundation course. It will provide the speaker with phatic communication abilities only.

Introductory Chinese  -12 HOURS

UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH 2013 PROSPECTUS.For a rapid introduction to speaking and understanding some Chinese, our 12-hour workplace immersion course is ‘Introductory Chinese’. This proven taster course is offered as an immersion programme to allow time-pressed learners the chance to learn the basics in just 12 hours delivered over 8 weeks. The course will concentrate on speaking Chinese while introducing the phonetic script and ‘Chinese alphabet’ known as ‘pinyin’. The emphasis is on speaking and listening. Topics to be studied include: greetings; travel; shopping; directions; food and drink.

By the end of the course students will:

  • Understand basic grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of the Chinese language
  • Be competent in reading the phonetic script known as pinyin
  • Be able to conduct a limited range of basic social interactions using the Chinese language

While this course is available on a one-to-one basis, it is highly recommended that where possible, a small group of colleagues enrol together to create a learning community. For those students who wish to progress further in their learning after this course, progressive course options are available at the Institute or a bespoke arrangement can be made.



Bespoke Class Baillie Gifford
For those who already have acquired Chinese language skills to an intermediate level we offer tailored learning programmes to help develop a general business vocabulary for use in business meetings, negotiations and contract discussion. This course can be augmented with sector specific vocabulary as required.



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