Fudan University credit bearing summer camp 4-15 July 2016

Shanghai’s Fudan University’s School of Economics is offer a two week credit bearing summer camp on Chinese Economy and Society.  Designed for students who wish to acquire comprehensive knowledge of China in the fields of economy, business and society the course comprises thirty-two 90 minute lectures delivered by top scholars from Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao-tong University, and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SHUFE).  Attendees will also take part in three company tours. The dates of the course are 4-15 July 2016 

The application fee is 400RMB with a tuition charge of 10,000RMB inclusive of all programme activities plus lunch and coffee breaks on lecture days.A range of accommodation is on offer with prices ranging from around 100RMB to 300RMB per day.

Full details of the programme can be seen here via this flier SOE SUMMER CAMP.  Additionally you can review this Chinese Economy Society @ SOE FUDAN ppt.