Song Qing

Song QingPosition: Teacher
Telephone: +44 (0)131 662 2180

Song Qing is an MA candidate of Fudan University in Shanghai. Her major is in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.

She has extensive experience in teaching foreign students Chinese in Fudan University. She also holds a bachelor degree of Food Science and Technology (2005) and is very good at Chinese cooking.

Song Qing studied Chinese Kong Fu from the age of seven and during the period till 2001 she became both champion and runner-up on Shao Lin fist routine and Shao Lin sword routine. When at University she learnt Chen-style Tai Chi from a friend who followed this tradition from childhood. in Chen Jia Gou- the home town of Chen-style Tai Chi.

Within the Institute Song Qing teaches Chinese language courses and leads our schools workshop in Tai Chi.