This stunning free exhibition of contemporary sculptures came about when 28 artists, one from each EU country and a further three artists from China, were invited to create their individual response to the First Emperor’s Terracotta Army in the city of Xian in Shaanxi Province.

The resulting re-interpretation of these warriors, serving figures, acrobats and animals forms this exhibition with each sculpture also reflecting a discreet aspect of the artist’s individual culture.

Commissioned by Brussels based Inspiring Culture, as part of the EU-CHINA 2012 Year of Intercultural Dialogue, the exhibition initially toured to eight museums throughout China widening the appreciation of European contemporary arts before touring to six locations in Europe.  The Edinburgh exhibition is the penultimate prior to its last appearance in the autumn at the new Zaha Hadid building “Diamond Vessel” in Antwerp.

Reflecting a modern cross cultural view of one of China’s most well-known historic attractions, it forms an artistic bridge between the past and the present.  The exhibition’s significance has been further heightened, opening as it does at a time of unique political flux caused by BREXIT.  Read on to hear from Dr Pick Keobandith, Director of Inspiring Culture.