Delegation visit from Vice-Minister of Education in China

The Confucius Institute for Scotland hosted a high level delegation visit led by Mme Wu Qidi, Vice-Minister of Education in China.

The visit gave the party the opportunity to tour the newly refurbished Confucius Institute for Scotland prior to the discussions on higher education issues and opportunities.

Delegation details

    • Mme Wu Qidi
      Vice-Minister of Education of China. 
    • Mr. Wang Yongda,
      Minister Counsellor
    • Mr. Chang Quansheng,
      Education Section, Chinese Embassy UK
    • Mr. Guo Lixin
      Deputy Director-General, Ministry of Education, China
    • Mr. Niu Yanbing
      Deputy Director-General, Ministry of Education ,China
    • Mr. Jiang Feng
      Deputy Director-General, International Cooperation and
      Exchanges, China
    • Ms Zhang Jin
      Deputy Director, Division of European Affairs, China
  • Ms Lin Xiaoqing
    Secretary to the Vice Minister