Shanghai Theatre Academy: Chinese Opera & Folk Music

Heriot-Watt University is the venue for an evening of Chinese dance, music and opera on Saturday 26th September from 6-8pm. 

Performances will feature Beijing and Kungqu Opera as well as Folk Music. Highlights will include a Beijing opera solo dance using silk ribbons ‘Celestial Maid Scattering Flowers‘ and from the Kungqu Opera tradition ‘Borrowing Fan’ which features acrobatics accompanied by a gong and drum and a Pipa solo “Xiang Yu, the Conqueror, Unloaded the Armor” using a four stringed Chinese lute.

This performance is jointly sponsored by Hanban and the Scottish Confucius Institute for Business and Communication (SCIBC).

Tickets are available at no charge but booking is essential.  To book a place please register by 25 September at this link

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