Prof Shen Dingli, Fudan University: 29 Oct 15-6pm

As a distinguished scholar we are delighted to host Prof Shen Dingli, Deputy Dean of the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University to deliver a lecture on China’s Peaceful Rise: Challenges & Opportunities.


China’s rise certainly brings more opportunities to the world: increasing import of goods and services; and increasing export of tourist purchasing power, to name a few.  In terms of soft power, China is rapidly investing on its green energy sector and collaborating on climate change.  It is a major force of international combat against terror and pandemic diseases.  It is more visible on UN peacekeeping and disaster relief missions abroad.  Meantime, its rise does alter the world balance of power.  China’s rising strength of export and investment brings it more competence in manufacturing and international finance.  Its land and maritime Silk Road program offers the prospects of a better connected Eurasian continent.  Its ambition on the global commons has yet to reconcile with the concerns of the others.  This lecture will address the aforementioned issues, analysing China’s policy contour and its regional impact, especially on its relations with the neighbours and the United States.


沈丁立教授 Professor Shen DinliProfessor Shen Dingli is Deputy Dean of  the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University.  His research and publications focus on China-US security relations; regional security and international strategy; arms control and non-proliferation; foreign and defence policy of China, and the US. He received his PhD in physics from Fudan in 1989 and from 1989 to 1991 he engaged in arms control studies at Princeton University. In 1996 he was awarded Eisenhower Fellowship. In 2002 he was invited by Kofi Annan the then Secretary General of the United Nations to advise him on strategy planning for his second term.

Currently he also serves as Vice President at several academic associations, including the Chinese Association of South Asian Studies, Shanghai Association of International Studies, Shanghai Association of American Studies, Shanghai UN Research Association and Shanghai Public Policy Association.

Essential Information

Thursday 29th October 2015 6pm-7.30pm
Project Room 1.06
50 George Square
This lecture is part of the Confucius Institute for Scotland Distinguished Lecture Series in which experts and scholars on China and Chinese culture are invited to give a lecture on their chosen topic.

It is also part of the Discover Day programme organised by Fudan University, the Chinese university partner for the Confucius Institute for Scotland.