My World in War and Revolution-16 Oct @6-8pm

Location: The Playfair Library Hall, Old College, University of Edinburgh, EH8 9YL

Date and Time: 16 Oct, 2019. 1800-2000

Each year the University hosts a series of inaugural lectures given by Professors or Chairs newly appointed by the University. The speakers give an illuminating overview of their contribution to their field.

In both the East and the West the diaries is an ancient genre, but it underwent important changes in the modern era. Simultaneously, the social structure, media environment, and political regimes also transformed rapidly.

In this lecture, Professor Aaron Moore focuses on the relationship East Asian modernity shared with the personal diary, which came to both reflect and contribute to phenomena such as ‘total war’ mobilisation, revolution, and the experience of childhood. Moreover, having examined hundreds of diaries from around the world, Moore introduces a methodology for reading personal diaries that emerged out of his comparative approach to modern history. Despite the considerable cultural and ideological differences between China, Japan, America, the USSR, and Britain, the usefulness of the diary as a tool for self-discipline emerged almost simultaneously in each context, and this uncanny convergence must be explained.

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