Model Institute Award Hanban Global Conference 2015

The 10th Global Conference of Confucius Institutes (CI) held in Shanghai in early December 2015 saw the Confucius Institute for Scotland receive the accolade of ‘Model Institute’ from Vice Premier Liu Yandong who is chair of the Council of CI Headquarters.  

Since opening in 2007 the Institute has received six awards of excellence from Hanban for the quality of its work and the impact of its outreach programmes. In 2008, the Institute coordinated the ten-month long ‘China Now in Scotland’ festival and significantly increased its programme of language classes. December 2008 saw a second Award for Excellence being given to the Institute. Additional Awards for Excellence followed in 2009 and 2010 culminating in a Gold Medal Award for Outstanding Contribution which was awarded in December 2011 with an additional award for Excellence being given also in 2012.

In 2014, the 10th anniversary year of the establishment of the network, the Principal of the University of Edinburgh received a  Pioneer Award – one of only 10 such awards marking the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the CI network. This year’s Model Institute award brings the total number of awards to the Confucius Institute for Scotland in the University of Edinburgh, to eight.

Also in receipt of an award for Confucius Classroom of the Year was the Confucius Classroom at the City of Edinburgh hosted by Leith Academy.

The global network stands now at 500 Institutes and just over 1000 classrooms in 134 countries around the world. For more information on the Conference please visit Hanban’s website here.

Photographs: Institute Director, Professor Natascha Gentz, is shown receiving and being congratulated on the award by Vice Premier Liu Yandong before chatting with Hanban CEO Mme Xu Lin along with Co-Director Dr Jin Ri.