Chinese Character Introductory Course

This 5-week Chinese character introductory course is designed for beginners with an interest in visualizing and memorizing Chinese characters. The course is taught in English. By the end of the course students should be able to understand:

  • how Chinese characters have been evolved through the history
  • the structure of Chinese characters
  • principles of formation
  • radicals and rules of stroke order
  • at least 150 Chinese characters

Course details:

  • Start date: Wednesday, 4 July
  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Day(s) and Time(s): Every Wednesday from 6pm-7:30pm
  • Price: £65

 Course Content:

  • The structure of Chinese characters
  • Character components and radicals
  • Rules of stroke order
  • Phonetic and semantic components of Chinese characters
  • How to use a Chinese dictionary
  • How to input Chinese characters by computer

Teaching Methods:

The course is tutorial-based with a combination of joint class activities and group work. Supplementary material is prepared by the teacher. In order to fully benefit from the course and to achieve the learning outcomes, students are expected to spend 1-2 hours per week on revision and homework.

Core Readings:

Course materials will be provided by the teacher at the classes.

To book and pay online please use the University ePay system.  Alternatively download this Summer 2018 Chinese Language Course Form then complete and return it to the Confucius Institute for Scotland with a cheque for the correct amount made out to the University of Edinburgh.