China Morsels

Tencent joins the video conferencing marketplace.

– Calum Gibb, May 2020

Living with lockdowns and social distancing measures has prompted a speedy shift toward creative solutions for businesses, education providers, and people alike.  CEOs of the world’s leading Tech companies are finding competition in the cloud.

Enter VooV Meeting, or Tencent Meeting as it is known inside of China, another platform vying for users. While younger than the competition, having only launched back in December, VooV has grown quickly, already boasting 10 million daily active users. To offer a bit of perspective, Cisco’s Webex in March revealed they had hit 324 million daily meeting participants.

A recent announcement by the United Nations, revealed that VooV will be used for an upcoming commemorative “Global Dialogue” celebrating their 75th anniversary. This ought to come as a surprise given their comparatively small market share, however, don’t forget Tencent’s other platform Wechat. As one of the most popular apps in the world, claiming more than a billion active users, integrating VooV as an in-app program presents a potential drain from alternative platforms.

With Zoom recently facing fierce criticism over security concerns, many businesses are looking to more established companies with long track records in system security. How Tencent will fair in allaying such concerns could be crucial to penetrating the UK’s increasingly crowded market.