Asian Studies Seminar Series 2nd March

The second of the three Chinese Studies Research Seminars will take place on Wednesday, March 2nd 2016 in David Hume Tower, LG.08 from 17.00-19.00

Dr Sabrina Yu (Newcastle University)
Going Back to the Hometown: A New Root-searching Movement in Contemporary Chinese Independent Cinema

It has been critically recognised that there was a root-searching movement in the 1980s in China, immediately after the Cultural Revolution, firstly in literature, then in film, exemplified by some Fifth Generation Directors’ works. This paper aims to outline a new root-searching movement emerging in Chinese independent films in the past ten years or so.

It will scrutinise this new trend within its social, cultural and filmic context in contemporary China. The speaker will argue that this new root-searching movement is different from the previous one in that root-searching is not just a subject matter or a nostalgic sentiment, but also manifested as new film aesthetics and fresh approaches to filmmaking, which have been subtly changing the landscape of contemporary Chinese cinema. This new trend will also be discussed in relation to the challenges that independent filmmaking in current China is facing, such as the lack of financial support, the restrictions on exhibition and distribution and the scarcity of audience.

Third Talk 16th March 2016

The third talk of the series this semester will take place on March 16th and will be given by Dr Liang Hongling (University of Glasgow) on “The Enlightenment, Sino-French Institute and Tel Quel: Looking at Three Moments in Sino-French Knowledge Dynamics”.