The Lucky Carp 支付宝锦鲤

Have you seen the beautiful, bright Dragon Gate Carp lantern at the Great Lanterns of China at Edinburgh Zoo?

The carp represents good luck in Chinese, and one of the reasons behind this is that the pronunciation of “fish” in Chinese sounds the same as “abundance”. At the Spring Festival banquet, fish is a traditional dish for many families signifying good wishes for the coming year. According to Chinese myth, any carp who can jump over the Dragon Gate will turn into a dragon—an auspicious creature in China. It is no wonder that the Chinese people consider the carp a symbol of good fortune.

In 2018, a lucky user was selected by Alipay (the biggest electronic payment platform in China) to receive gifts worth more than £10 million. The girl was considered so lucky that she was given the nickname “The Carp of Alipay”. Forwarding carp images has turned into a trend since then and these days it is popular among young people to post beautiful fish on their social media platforms before special occasions, such as examinations, wishing for good luck.