Green Buildings & Infrastructure

The UK’s expertise in master planning and building management solutions has been exported throughout the world for many years. China has been no exception in this and many of China’s most iconic urban developments have involved UK companies in shaping their environmental and physical impact.

How can this now be brought to bear as China’s construction giants take to 3rd markets in developing the 21st Century Silk Roads and Economic Belt?

This session will introduce some of the existing examples that are already underway using European infrastructural expertise and technologies along the BRI, as well as some initiatives in place to support the growing pipeline of opportunities. These range from training Chinese developers in UK Higher Education, offering consultancy on master planning right through to provision of hi-tech solutions for constructing port infrastructure and modular housing design.

Can all of this help to ensure that this is genuinely sustainable infrastructure?

  • What green building solutions can ensure a sustainable future for the BRI? Which companies are best placed to deliver this?
  • Where have Chinese and UK firms already partnered in 3rd markets?
  • Where is the next wave of opportunity likely to emerge along the BRI?
  • How can the Scottish construction sector get involved in such projects?