This exhibition comprises a selection of 133 original Chinese art posters covering the period 1913-1997 which are on loan from the Propaganda Poster Art Centre, Shanghai. From their vast collection, the selection made covers the full history of the art form ranging from highly decorative advertising posters styled as Shanghai calendars, through to the newest poster featuring Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin, which was created in 1997.

Venue and opening hours

The exhibition is arranged chronologically and gives visitors the chance not only to appreciate the aesthetic content of these posters but also to gain some understanding into the history of China in the last century.

It will run from 6th June to 12th July 2014 across two floors of Adam House at the east end of Chambers Street from 10am till 6pm, seven days a week. Entry is free.

A short video on the exhibition can be seen here.