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  • Coronavirus (Covid-19): Important Announcement

    The Confucius Institute for Scotland campus is temporarily closed from Friday 20 March to students and public due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and all classes taking place in our buildings have been cancelled. We have also made the decision to postpone or cancel all non-teaching events, such as talks by visiting speakers, for the ... Read more
  • Spring Term Classes start from 20 April 2020 – CANCELLED

    Please note: In light of recent developments surrounding the ever-evolving Covid-19 situation across Europe and the UK, we will not be opening booking for the upcoming term due to commence in the week beginning April 20, 2020 until further notice. Any such bookings already placed via the Center for Open Learning will be cancelled in ... Read more
  • Award celebrates Scotland-China partnership

    The Donghua Edinburgh Centre for Creative Industries (DECCI) – which is hosted by Edinburgh’s Confucius Institute and Donghua University’s Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation (SCF) – has won the China-Britain Business Council’s Innovators in Education award. The prize recognises a partnership which began as a joint programme of teaching and research at the Shanghai ... Read more
  • 5 Weeks Daytime Chinese Calligraphy Starts 4 March – CANCELLED

    The five week course runs from Wednesday morning 4 March to 1 April 2020 will be led by Chi Zhang, the Institute’s experienced calligraphy teacher. This course will start by introducing common techniques related to the Chinese soft brushes and ink. Students will also learn the basic strokes of Regular Style. Regular Style (Kai Shu) ... Read more
  • 5 Weeks Daytime Chinese Brush Painting Starts 5 March – CANCELLED

    Discover the fascinating art of Chinese brush painting and try your hand at this expressive art form. This course is suitable for beginners or people who have painting experience but have never tried Chinese brush painting techniques before. No prior knowledge is necessary, you should simply be keen to learn and willing to hold a ... Read more
  • Chinese Silent Films, BO’NESS HIPPODROME: Sat. 21 March

    For the fifth year our Institute is supporting Hippfest – Scotland’s only festival dedicated to silent cinema with world-class music, red carpet glamour, and rarely-seen silent era films. Taking place in the retro surroundings of the Hippodrome, Bo’ness. Saturday 21 March 2020: 16:00 A STRING OF PEARLS  A social climbing, middle-class housewife cajoles her husband into borrowing an ... Read more
  • HSK and HSKK exam 21 March

    Registration is now open for the March HSK and HSKK Exam Diet.  The registration deadline for the offline HSK exams and HSKK exams is on Wednesday 19 February. For more information on the HSK and HSKK and to register please visit our main HSK page here. Read more
  • HSK 3 Revision and Practice Starting 12 February

    Course Summary HSK 3 Revision and Practice is to support those learners who are preparing for the HSK 3 test. Learners will have a total of 15 direct contact hours over the period of six weeks. This course is composed of three parts – mock tests, revision and practice. In this course, learners will have the ... Read more
  • 5 Weeks Daytime Brush Painting starts 16 Jan 2020

    Meticulous ‘Gong bi’ style painting, an ancient art from 2000 years ago. It requires fine brushes to work with realistic contour techniques and vivid color to depict the most descriptive details. Our artist in residence Mr Chi Zhang will lead you into this style, it will be a calm, relax and meditative process, a great ... Read more
  • Chinese New Year Party, Friday 31 January – Cancelled

    We regret to inform you that in view of the current situation and out of solidarity with and concern for friends and colleagues in China it has been decided to cancel our Chinese New Year Celebration this Friday, 31 Jan. Many of our friends, family, students and colleagues in the UK and China are currently unable ... Read more