Lectures Archive

  • Public Lecture: Opening Pandora`s Box – October 2009

    In this third lecture of the `PRC at 60` series, Professor Natascha Gentz, University of Edinburgh will lecture on Opening Pandora`s Box: the Cultural Revolution and its repercussions on the ‘Reform and Opening Period’ of the 1980s.` The Cultural Revolution (1966-76) has been described as a period of `ten chaotic years`. All governmental efforts after the ... Read more
  • Chinese Diplomatic Thought and Foreign Policy – October 2009

    The Playfair Library will host this special guest lecture from Dr Jiemian Yang, President of Shanghai Association of International Relations; and Vice President, China Association of International Relations on the morning of Tuesday 13 Oct. Doors open at 10.15 for a 10.30 start. Recipient of a number of National Special Awards as well as Shanghai Outstanding Talent ... Read more
  • New wine in old bottles – October 2009

    Event Date: 14/10/2009 In this second talk in the series of six on The PRC at 60, Paul Bailey, Professor in Modern Chinese History at the University of Edinburgh will address the topic: “The 1950s in China: New Wine in Old Bottles.` The event is free but ticketed. This event will be held in the Raeburn Room, Old College, South ... Read more
  • First lecture: PRC at 60 – Prof Rana Mitter, Uni of Oxford – October 2009

    “How China`s Wartime Past is Changing its Present – and Future” is the title of this first talk scheduled for Wed 7 Oct from 6pm. ADDITIONAL SEATS ARRANGED TO INCREASE CAPACITY – please retry if previously notified fully booked Our internationally renowned first speaker is Rana Mitter, Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China at ... Read more
  • Guest Lecture: Confucius – The Humourist – October 2009

    Prof Christoph Harbsmeier, Oslo University, will speak on “Wit and Humour in Confucius: The Rhetoric of the Analects” at Abden House on Monday 19 October. Confucius is well known as the founder of Chinese moral philosophy and teacher of strict etiquettes. This lecture will introduce a different face of Confucius the philosopher with an – ambiguous – smile. `The ... Read more
  • The PRC at 60: Lecture Series – October & November 2009

    This commemorative lecture series marks the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the PRC. Each lecture will examine a different aspect of China. This is part of a wider programme of activities marking this anniversary. `How China`s Wartime Past is Changing its Present – and Future` Wed 7th October: Professor Rana Mitter, University of Oxford: “China has always drawn on its ... Read more
  • Muslim Communities in China – September 2009

    Prof Fan Ke will present “Negotiating Space and Identity by Muslim communities in China: a case study” on Monday 14th September from 1730-1900 at Abden House. In recent decades the Muslim minority community of Hui in Quanzhou, a coastal city in Southern Fujian, China, have engaged in projects to help build a Muslim identity. This presentation ... Read more
  • Fudan University Guest Talks – September 2009

    Visiting professors from Fudan University, Chinese partner institution of the Confucius Institute for Scotland, will present two talks on the morning of Friday 11 September. 10.00am-11.00am Professor Liu Xinming Investigating Chinese Grammar through Teaching Chinese as a Second Language 11.15am-12.15am Professor Tan Zheng Wang Xiaobo: A Groundbreaker in Contemporary Chinese Writing Professor Liu Xinming is Vice Director of the Language ... Read more