Lectures Archive

  • Guest Lecture: The Complexity of Difference – March 2010

    Zhang Longxi, City University of Hong Kong gave a talk on Monday 22 March at 6pm in the Confucius Institute for Scotland. A podcast of this talk will be added soon. His topic was The Complexity of Difference: A Methodological Issue in Cross-Cultural Studies. ABSTRACT Difference is a basic fact in life and in our understanding of life, as ... Read more
  • Guest Lecture: Music Taipei v Music Shanghai – March 2010

    Event Date: 18/03/2010 Professor Shen Tung of National Taiwan University will present a talk entitled Music Taipei vs. Music Shanghai: A Historic Overview of the Dissemination of Chinese Opera and Popular Songs from Shanghai to Taipei in the 20th Century. This event will take place in the Confucius Institute starting at 6pm. Places are free but should be ... Read more
  • Guest Lecture Eric Schwitzgebel – January 2010

    Event Date: 19/01/2010 Eric Schwitzgebel, Professor of Philosophy, University of California at Riverside will present a talk entitled `An Empirical Perspective on the Mencius-Xunzi Debate about Human Nature` Mencius and Xunzi were two of the early followers of Confucius with polarised opinions on the essential nature of humankind. Our speaker, Eric Schwitzgebel, Professor of Philosophy at University of ... Read more
  • China’s Economic Transformation-Lecture – November 2009

    Dr Felix Boecking, University of Edinburgh will present `Understanding China`s Economic Transformation` the last in our series of special PRC at 60 lectures series. In the last three decades, the People’s Republic of China has experienced a successful market transition with impressively high GDP growth rates. As average incomes have risen dramatically, hundreds of millions of ... Read more
  • China’s Rise in Africa-Lecture – November 2009

    Professor Ian Taylor, University of St Andrews is our fifth speaker in the PRC at 60 Lecture Series. China`s rise in Africa is arguably the most momentous development on the continent since the end of the Cold War. China is now Africa’s second most important bilateral trading partner, behind only the United States, with Sino-African trade ... Read more
  • China-Nigeria Relations: A Chinese Perspective – November 2009

    Event Date: 11/11/2009 Dr. Li Wengang, a visiting fellow from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences will present a lunchtime seminar entitled, `China-Nigeria Relations: A Chinese perspective` on Wed 11 Nov 2009. The seminar begins at 1300 and the venue is Seminar Room 5, Chrystal Macmillan Building, 15A George Square. All are welcome. Dr. Li Wengang is on ... Read more
  • Public Lecture: The Open Door, Edinburgh – November 2009

    Event Date: 04/11/2009 Professor Natascha Gentz, Director of the Confucius Institute, will give a talk on `The influence of Confucianism on China and the modern world` at the Open Door, Morningside Road, Edinburgh on Wed 4 Nov 10.30-11.30. Professor Gentz studied in Germany at Heidelberg University, where she took her MA (1994) and PhD (1998) degrees. She ... Read more
  • PRC at 60: The China Challenge: Models, Visions and Global Futures – October 2009

    In this the fourth of six lectures in the `PRC at 60` series, Professor Jane Duckett`s topic is `The China Challenge: Models, Visions and Global Futures.` China`s economic power and global influence have led commentators to suggest that it has a model of development and modernity that will challenge the West`s. This lecture looks at the ... Read more