Lectures Archive

  • Chinese Politics and Economics – August 2011

    Join us on the afternoon of 11 August for insights into contemporary Chinese politics and economics delivered by leading Chinese intellectuals from Tsinghua University. The Confucius Institute, working with LSE, is proud to be host this special event which will see four renowned academics from one of Chinese`s leading universities share their insights and answer audience ... Read more
  • Studies in Chinese Cinema – July 2011

    Join us on Saturday 2nd July 2011, Rainy Hall, New College, the Mound, Edinburgh, to consider aspects of Chinese Cinema in the company of four renowned experts in the field. Our speakers come from the USA and the UK and all four are contributors to The CHINESE CINEMA BOOK published earlier this month which was edited ... Read more
  • Ambassador Platt-China Boys – April 2011

    Thurs 21st April will see former Ambassador Platt, long time China specialist, author of `China Boys` and President of the Asia Society in New York for 12 years, address a full house at the Confucius Institute. As a young diplomatic officer in the early 1960s, when Communist China was firmly closed to the west, Platt took ... Read more
  • Research Universities in China: Pressures & Challenges – November 2010

    This guest lecture from Prof Shen Li of Fudan University, Shanghai is based on Professor Shen’s reflections on the many students she has taught at Fudan University in the past decade. A thumbnail picture emerges of the prevailing trends among young students in their 20’s as they come and go on campus. To the fore of ... Read more
  • Lunchtime Talk-John Dudgeon – November 2010

    Guest speaker Prof Gao Xi from Fudan University, Shanghai will mark the life of John Dudgeon who at one time was the most famous doctor in Beijing in her lunchtime talk on Tuesday 30th November 2010. This famous physician was a son of Glasgow and student of Edinburgh. In the mid 19th century it was said `From ... Read more
  • Shanghai Museum curator talk – October 2010

    Shanghai Museum is one of the famous in China housing a diverse and accessible collection of over 120,000 pieces. The Institute is delighted to host a special lecture by Ms Bao Yanli, Head of the Ethnography and Textiles who will share with us her knowledge and love of Gu Embroidery (Gu Xiu) in a talk on ... Read more
  • The Politics of Multiculturalism in Taiwan – June 2010

    Friday 4th June at 6pm will see this topic being addressed by widely published Mau-kuei Chang, research fellow of the Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, and adjunct Professor of the Department of Sociology, Taiwan University. On considering the question ‘Is Taiwan a multicultural country? Is multiculturalism an official position of the country?’ the answer must be ... Read more
  • Urban Utopia and Contemporary Visual Arts in China – June 2010

    Given the speed of development in China it is hardly suprising that the idea of a city constructed in the blink of the eye is central to recent Chinese visual arts. The instant city is visually represented by miniature models and computerized simulations. The extensive use of architectural modelling -in the media, on the theatre stage, ... Read more