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2015 will see a wide and varied range of lectures, conferences and other events organised by the Confucius Institute for Scotland and the University of Edinburgh.

January 2015

14 Jan Professor Henrietta Harrison, University of Oxford
“The Early 20th Origins of Popular Ideas about Traditional China Foreign Relations: The History of the Qianlong Emperor’s Letter to George 3rd”
Research Seminar Series

February 2015

03 Feb Prof. David Der-Wei Wang, Harvard University
“Writing History after ‘Post-History’: On Contemporary Chinese Fiction”
Distinguished Lecture Series

04 Feb Dr Carl Kilcourse, Nottingham Trent University – Research Seminar Series
“The Taipings’ Religious World: A Case of Localised Christianity in China”
Research Seminar Series

11 Feb Dr Lauren Richardson,University of Edinburgh
“Unravelling the ‘History Problem’ in Japan-Korea Relations”
Research Seminar Series

23 Feb Special Film Screening with Director Jocelyn Ford
“Nowhere to call home”
Special Guest Lecture

25 Feb Ms Emily Williams, Birkbeck, University of London
“Selling the Little Red Book in Hyde Park: The Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Counter-culture in Britain”
Research Seminar Series

30 March Prof Chris Berry, King’s College, London
“Cao Fei’s ‘Magical Metropolises’ : Chinese Video Art and the City”
Special Guest Lecture

March 2015

4 Mar Dr Frank Gaenssmantel, University of Groningen
“Issue Perceptions and International Cooperation: Case Studies from China-EU Relations”
Research Seminar Series

9 Mar Professor David Shambaugh, George Washington University
“China at the Crossroads? Major Reform Challenges”
Distinguished Lecture Series

11 Mar Prof. Miriam Kingsberg, University of Colorado at Boulder
“Fieldwork, Ethnology, and Empire: The Making of Japan’s ‘Transwar Generation’ of Human Scientists”
Research Seminar Series

April 2015

1 Apr Prof Dominic Sachsenmeier, University of Bremen
“Chinese Capitalism? Recent Debates and Their Intellectual Contexts”
Research Seminar Series

28 Apr Prof Zhang Longxi, City University of Hong Kong
“Re-conceptualizing China in our Time:From a Chinese Perspective”
Distinguished Lecture Series

may 2015

21 May Prof Yang Guoqing, Former Vice Minister CAAC
“Doing Business with China: A Chinese Perspective”
Business Lecture Series

jUNE 2015

4 June Prof Wang Ban, Stamford University
“Where have all the villages gone?”
Distinguished Lecture Series

11-13 June James Legge & Scottish Missions to China conference
Three day conference for academics and scholarsSpecial Event

11 June Public Lecture Prof Yang Huilin, Renmin University of China
“The Translator’s Identity and Its Paradox”
Keynote lecture from Legge Conference

12 June Public Lecture Lauren Pfister, Hong Kong Baptist University
“Pulling the Plank out of One’s Own Eye”
Keynote lecture from Legge Conference

12 June Teaching Chinese in Scotland: Pedagogy Meets the Language
One day workshop programme for Chinese Language teachers.

Special Event

26 June Keynote Lecture: Sir Tom Devine
“Addicting the Dragon: China, Opium, and Scotland’
Seminar on Scots in Asia co-organised by Universities of Edinburgh, Otago and Hull.

aUGUST 2015

10 August Public Lecture: Michael Goedius“The New Chinese Cultural Revolution. Contemporary Chinese Art and Understanding its Potential and Meaning”
Public Lecture with Asia Scotland Institute

27 August Public Lecture: Ang Li
Sex Food and Politics
Spotlight Taiwan Programme


29 September Public Lecture: Tim Clissold
“Chinese Rules: Mao’s Dog, Deng’s Cat and Five Timeless Lessons from the Front Lines in China”
Public Lecture with CBBC

oCTOBER 2015

15 October Public Lecture: Lord Stephen Green
“China and Europe, from Confucius and Aristotle till now: Old Histories, New Understandings”.
Business Lecture Series

29 October Public Lecture: Professor Shen Dingli, Fudan University
China’s Peaceful Rise: Challenges & Opportunities
Distinguished Lecture Series


4 November Academic Lecture: Dr Gerda Wielander, University of Westminster
“Happiness in recent Chinese socialist discourse – has Ah Q become a role model?”
Asian Studies Seminar Series

13 November Public Lecture: Professor Tony Chan, HKUST
“Rising China & Global Impact”
Guest Lecture

24 November Public Lecture: Professor Dong Zhenghua
“Farmland for Farmers”
Distinguished Lecture Series

25 November Public Lecture: Prof Erik Baark, HKUST
“China- A Science & Technology Superpower”
Occasional Lecture Series


No lectures are currently scheduled for December 2015