Cultural Events Archive

  • Dr Kimho Ip – Lunchtime Seminar – October 2009

    Dr Kimho Ip, musical curator at the Confuicus Institute for Scotland, will examine one of his latest compositions `Requiem for Travellers` in this lunchtime seminar. `Requiem for Travellers` will be examined as a symbol and model for the process of translocation of cultural identity. The talk takes place on Friday 23rd October from 1.10pm-2.00pm in the Conference ... Read more
  • Dancer in Residence-Insight Evening – October 2009

    Join us at Abden House to discover the current state of modern dance in China today. Together Janis Claxton, of Janis Claxton Dance and Ding Qi Rui will reflect on the current state of modern dance in China today. Modern Chinese dance, combining the physical skills of traditional Chinese training with modern artistic expression is a ... Read more
  • Silver Moon over China – October 2009

    Event Date: 03/10/2009 Join in the 60th Anniversary celebrations by attending ECSSA`s special programme `Silver Moon over China` on Sat 03 October. This event will be held at Heriot-Watt University from 7-10pm with the support of the Confucius Institute. A special performance in the evening entertainment programme will be given by Ding Qi Rui, a rising young contemporary ... Read more
  • James Legge Weekend, Huntly – September 2009

    Event Date: 26/09/2009 The Grampian town of Huntly will be host to a commerative weekend marking one of its famous sons, James Legge, a noted Scottish sinologist. `The Legacy of J Legge: China and the West` is the title of the commerative weekend which includes a diverse range of activities to involve people of the town and visitors. Events ... Read more
  • Musical Silk Road – special concert Abden House – August 2009

    The launch concert for a year long music event `Musical Silk Road` will take place at the Confucius Institute for Scotland head office in Abden House on the evening of Tuesday 11 August. This musical journey is inspired by the theme of travelling and translocation of cultures. Featuring the music of Kimho Ip on Yangqin, Filipe Davidse on ... Read more
  • Four Star Reviews for Midsummer Night`s Dream – August 2009

    An opening night audience of over 500 were in place to see this spectacular interpretation of a Midsummer Night`s Dream. Gaining four stars from the Scotsman, Edinburgh Guide, All the and plaudits on many sides the production fuses music, dancing and martial-arts, fused with computer gaming and Olympic technology resulting in a visually spectacular ... Read more
  • Perhaps Love – Scottish Premiere – May 2009

    Multi-award winning `Perhaps Love`(Ai Ru Guo)which has been called the Chinese `Moulin Rouge` features an international cast and crew. Shot by Oscar-winning cinematographer Peter Pau and choreographed by Bollywood`s Farah Khan its international stars include Hong Kong pop star Jacky Cheung, South Korean actor Ji Jin-hee, Taiwanese-Japanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro and Chinese actress Zhou Xun. It ... Read more
  • NEW Course: Chinese Chops – April & May 2009

    Join us for four Saturday afternoons in April and May to discover the ancient art of `seal carving` Seal-carving is one of the `four arts` which with painting, calligraphy and poetry are the mark of the accomplished scholar. Over the four Saturday afternoons you will not only learn of the history of calligraphy, painting and seal carving ... Read more