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  • Chinese Brush Painting – Birds and Flowers Jan 2018

    In the winter term, apart from our regular evening calligraphy class, we will also run a 5 week day time Chinese brush painting class starts from 24 January 2018 from 10am – 12.30pm. Birds and flowers painting were often used as decorative elements in pottery, appeared in screens and utensils. From Tang dynasty around the 8th and 9th centuries in China until ... Read more
  • Five Week Calligraphy Course January 2018

    Discover the ancient art of calligraphy using the traditional Chinese brush and ink combination that has been in use for thousands of years. The five week course starts on 23 January and runs to 20 February and will be led by Chi Zhang, the Institute’s experienced calligraphy teacher. Students will be introduced to the materials of ... Read more
  • HSK Exam 2 Dec – November registration deadline

    Registration is now open for the December HSK Exam Diet.  The registration deadline for the online exam is Thursday 2 November.  The online exam has a later deadline of Thursday 16 Nov 2017. We recommend that  only candidates who are proficient in using a keyboard to input characters should apply for the online exam. For more information on the HSK ... Read more
  • Chinese Language Classes
    April-June 2018

    We offer a diverse programme of evening classes for the general public to enjoy learning Chinese. Our Spring 2018 courses will start week beginning 23 April, and booking for these classes is now open.  With a choice of classes for complete beginners – including a day time 5 weeks course – Chinese for Travellers – we think we have a ... Read more
  • Changes in China-The Fudan Lectures: Thurs 9 Nov 6pm

    Join us to hear from two visiting professors from our Confucius Institute partner, Fudan University.  Each speaker will reflect on the impact of different aspects of recent changes in China on the wider society and economy. An outline synopsis from each speaker is below. This event will take place in the UoE Business School.  You can book your ... Read more
  • Chinese Films On Friday
    Oct-Dec 2017 2pm

    Join us if you can for the regular programme of Chinese Films on Friday.  All films screened have sub-titles.  Viewing from 2pm-Screening Room, Room G04,  No 50 George Square, University of Edinburgh, EH8 9LH Autumn Term SEPT-DEC 2017 Film DATE China in Revolution 1911-1936 (Documentary) Labourer’s Love (Zhang Shichuan, 1922) Friday 22 September China in Revolution 1937-1949 (Documentary) The Dream of the Western Chamber (Hou Yao, 1927) Friday ... Read more
  • Mapping learning on China and Chinese in Scotland

    A recent initiative by SCEN, assisted by the Confucius Institute for Scotland, saw a nationwide survey of schools take place seeking information on activities and levels of learning about China and Chinese language. The survey results will help all stakeholders to better understand levels of engagement across the country and has resulted in a digital map showing ... Read more
  • 50 Shades of Grey: ‘Smog Art’ in China Tues 30 Jan 6pm

    This presentation will examine societal responses to air pollution in China through a discussion of ‘smog art’. Key Information Speaker: Thomas Johnson (Lecturer, University of Sheffield) 50 Shades of Grey: The Emergence of ‘Smog Art’ in China Tuesday, 30 January, 6-8 pm 50 George Square, Project Room (1.06), University of Edinburgh SYNOPSIS Smog art, which refers to artwork that engages with the issue of severe ... Read more