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  • Three Times a Winner

    For the third year running, the Confucius Institute for Scotland has received an award of excellence for its work. Professor Gentz, Director of the Institute, received this third award at the 2009 Fourth Worldwide Conference of Confucius Institutes in Beijing, chaired by the State Councillor Chen Zhili and the Minister of Education Yuan Guiren. This Award is ... Read more
  • Video Conference Classes, Moray College, Elgin

    Working with UHI Millenium Institute our first video conferencing Chinese language classes will be piloted this autumn. A partnership brokered between the Confucius Institute for Scotland and UHI Millenium Institute will enable students from Elgin and Morayshire to learn Chinese through this specially arranged video conferencing course. Enrolled students will meet their language teacher and fellow students ... Read more
  • Resource rich website – learning Mandarin

    Listen and learn, look and enjoy via this resource rich website from Hanban, sponsors of the global Confucius Institute network. While nothing can replace the value of direct language lessons a daily visit to will give you the chance to absorb more of this fascinating language. Try the learn some Chinese idioms, master a new character ... Read more
  • Historic Date – First HSK Examinations in Scotland

    Sunday May 24 2009 was an historic date. A pioneering group of higher education and workplace students undertook the official Chinese language proficiency test known as HSK. HSK is the Chinese equivalent of the widely established English language IELTS test While the numbers taking this first HSK examination are small, student registrations at the Confucius Institute have ... Read more
  • Free- Language Evaluation Opportunity

    Event Date: 30/05/2009 If you have been learning Mandarin Chinese and are free on the morning of Saturday 30 May read on. This is the date when we are seeking volunteers to test out the new HSK examination. The Chinese Proficiency Test HSK (Hanyu shuiping kaoshi, i.e. Chinese proficiency certificate) is the official PRC standardised exam to ... Read more
  • Scholarships for all – 4 weeks, 1 term, 1 year +

    A number of substantial scholarships to China are on offer from the Confucius Institute Headquarters to enable those studying and/or teaching Chinese as a second language, to have the chance to study Chinese language and culture in China. With durations from four weeks to full degree, these scholarships should be of interest to schoolkids, working adults, ... Read more
  • Beijing: Third Confucius Institute Conference

    A second accolade for excellence to the Confucius Institute for Scotland was awarded in Beijing. Principal, Professor Sir Timothy O`Shea addressed the global audience of over 1000 delegates representing almost 300 Institutes. In his speech he gave his views on the function of Confucius Institutes. “Confucius Institutes not only promote knowledge about China, they can also serve ... Read more
  • Ten month business placement in China on offer

    Scottish applicants are being sought for a training scheme in China. Applications are welcome from business executives, entrepreneurs and NGO professionals. This opportunity to train a member of staff as a qualified expert for the Chinese market has already seen three cohorts each of around 200 managers undertake the ten month training programme. As yet, no ... Read more