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  • Zheng Concert 23 Aug

    Classical zheng performer, Yi Dong, is the most celebrated international soloist, of any Chinese national musical instrument, of her generation. Playing the zheng (zither), she makes her annual return to Edinburgh to give us a concert of the music of the many love stories of China. Part of the Glamour of Jasmine Chinese Arts Festival. Appearing ... Read more
  • Win a Trip to Shanghai

    Share your thoughts on any aspect of China`s people, language, culture and you could win a trip to Shanghai in the `Window to Shanghai` writing competition. ’Window of Shanghai’ is a book donation program initiated in 2002 by Shanghai Library. The Confucius Institute for Scotland joined this program on opening and received a collection of English ... Read more
  • Dance/Drama: Detention 3-26 August

    Event Date: 03/08/2012 `Detention` – from the Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio, Hong Kong, brings this non-verbal comedy combined with powered acrobatics, off-the-wall clowning and throbbing percussion. The show is about three naughty high school boys chasing a beautiful female classmate around in a detention class. However, because their short-tempered teacher frequently checks in on them, they ... Read more
  • Free taster calligraphy session 25 Sept

    Drop in on the evening of Tuesday 25 Sept for a free taster session to discover the pleasure in calligraphy/Chinese brush painting. This ancient art form has a unique meditative quality and under the tutorship of Chi Zhang students will develop their own techniques, skills and style. Drop in for a 30-40 minute session sometime between ... Read more
  • The Sun is Not For Us 3-11 Aug

    Event Date: 03/08/2012 In `The Sun Is Not for Us` Li Ruru explores love, hatred, adultery, incest, hope, frustration and struggle from a Chinese women’s perspective. Denied the sun, enduring a life bereft of hope, imprisoned in an eighteen-year arranged marriage, what happens when a Chinese woman falls in love with her stepson? Why does a ... Read more
  • China`s Three Tenors – 3 Aug

    Event Date: 03/08/2012 Formed in 2011, ten years on from the original Three Tenors concert in Beijing, the trio comprises China`s most celebrated tenors – Dai Yuqiang, Wei Song and Warren Wah-lun Mok. Their world tour began in October, with the premier concert in Beijing, followed by Hong Kong, Macau and New York. After Edinburgh they ... Read more
  • Award winning Troupe from China

    The first of this year`s Fringe shows `China Red` is a spectacular dance and physical theatre show presented by Beijing Students Golden Sail Art Troupe this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 3,4,5 August at venue 82, Zoo Southside With only 5 shows offered over three days don`t miss this Edinburgh debut for an award-winning young Chinese company. ... Read more
  • Autumn Business Lecture Programme

    Over the period Sept-November the Institute will run a number of lectures from well know UK and Chinese business leaders. Already secured for this autumn Business Lecture Series are Jim McColl, Clyde Blowers, David Nish of Standard Life, Peter Budd of Arup Scotland and Dr Liu Li, Chief Architect of one of Beijing`s leading architectural ... Read more