Monkey King 孙悟空 – Mystery Revealed

Journey to the West (西游记) is one of the Four Great Classical Novels (四大名著)of Chinese literature. One of the main figures in Journey to the West is Monkey King. As one of the most enduring literary figures, he is cherished by generations.

Born from a stone egg shaped by mountain winds, the Monkey King’s tale is that of a great magician and a master trickster.

The mischievous Monkey King causes havoc in both hell and heaven, crossing his name off the Book of the Dead, getting drunk in heaven, crashing the Empress of Heaven’s peach of immortality party, stealing the elixir pills and surviving the flames of the stove for concocting pills of immortality. Thus, he angers the gods in heaven.

At #GiantLanternsofChina# at #EdinburghZoo#, he stands tall, wielding a staff taken from the Sea Dragons, as he prepares to battle with the army of heaven.

More mysteries of China will be revealed one by one – keep watching…