Studies in Chinese Cinema – July 2011

Join us on Saturday 2nd July 2011, Rainy Hall, New College, the Mound, Edinburgh, to consider aspects of Chinese Cinema in the company of four renowned experts in the field.

Our speakers come from the USA and the UK and all four are contributors to The CHINESE CINEMA BOOK published earlier this month which was edited by our two UK experts.

Dr Song Hwee Lim, co-editor of The Chinese Cinema Book, is Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of Exeter. He is the author of Celluloid Comrades: Representations of Male Homosexuality in Contemporary Chinese Cinemas (University of Hawaii Press, 2006), co-editor of Remapping World Cinema: Identity, Culture and Politics in Film (Wallflower Press, 2006), and founding editor of the Journal of Chinese Cinemas. He recently completed a book manu entitled Tsai Ming-liang and a Cinema of Slowness. He is Chief Editor of the Journal of Chinese Cinemas.

Dr Julian Ward, co-editor of The Chinese Cinema Book, is a Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Research interests include travel writing, particularly in the travel diaries of Xu Xiake. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Chinese Cinemas.

Wendy Larson is Professor of Chinese Language and Literature in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at the University of Oregon. Her research includes Women and Writing in Modern China (Stanford, 1998), and the co-edited Gender in Motion: Divisions of Labor and Cultural Change in late Imperial and Modern China (Rowman and Littlefield 2005)

Jason McGrath is Associate Professor of Chinese film and literature at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. He is the author of Postsocialist Modernity: Chinese Cinema, Literature, and Criticism in the Market Age (Stanford UP, 2008), and his essays on Chinese film have appeared in journals such as Modern Chinese Literature and Culture as well anthologies including Chinese Films in Focus II, and The Urban Generation: Chinese Cinema and Society at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century. His current projects include an anthology of Chinese critical writings on film and a book entitled Inscribing the Real.

The event will run from 2pm-6pm followed by a reception. The topics on which our speakers will focus are:

2.30pm Wendy Larson `Chinese Culture on the Global Stage: Zhang Yimou and the Fifth Generation Filmmakers`
3.15pm Jason McGrath `Realism and Chinese Independent Cinema
4.15pm Julian Ward `The history of the August First Film Studio: from Socialist Realism to Main Melodies` 5pm Song Hwee Lim `Tsai Ming-Liang and the Cinema of Slowness`

This event is free but to ensure your place please register by email to

If you have any questions please call us on 0131 662 2180.