Research Universities in China: Pressures & Challenges – November 2010

This guest lecture from Prof Shen Li of Fudan University, Shanghai is based on Professor Shen’s reflections on the many students she has taught at Fudan University in the past decade. A thumbnail picture emerges of the prevailing trends among young students in their 20’s as they come and go on campus.

To the fore of their minds is the risk of being pushed to the sidelines, as the legion of students, undergraduate and postgraduate alike, strives to achieve academic excellence and retain their integrity.

Sentiments generally called 浮躁 (fú zào) in Chinese, which include anxiety, uncertainty, and restlessness, are creeping in – largely due, in Professor Shen’s view, to the widespread social maladies known as ‘get-rich-quickism’ , ‘cutting corners’, and ‘easy gains with little effort’.

Professor Shen Li is based in the College of Foreign Language and Literature at Fudan University, Shanghai where she specialises in Metaphor Studies and Second Language Acquisition.

DATE: Tuesday 30 November 2010
TIME: 2.30pm-3.15pm
VENUE:Confucius Institute for Scotland, Abden House