Independent Filmaking in Contemporary China – November 2013

You are cordially invited to join a special lecture with film clips by our visiting fellow:

Prof Paul Pickowicz (University of California)
The Tangled Dynamics of Independent Filmmaking in Contemporary China
Friday, Nov 8th 14.00-16.00
Film Room 1.01, 14 Buccleuch Place

Since 1990, independent filmmaking has been on the rise in China. This illustrated lecture offers a broad survey of representative works. Independent filmmaking in China does not fall into a single, neat category. Instead, it is known for its thematic and artistic diversity.

Some of the work reflects on history and memory, some of it engages in what might be called individual identity searches, and some of it amounts to investigative journalism. With the rise of the internet, the social impact of independent, non-state sector filmmaking grows day by day and those interested in the complexities of `restless` China would be wise to familiarize themselves with its tangled dynamics.


Paul G. Pickowicz is Distinguished Professor of History and Chinese
Studies at the University of California, San Diego, and inaugural holder of the UC San Diego Endowed Chair in Modern Chinese History. His books(authored, co-authored, and coedited) include Marxist Literary Thought in China (1981), Unofficial China (1989),Chinese Village, Socialist State(1992, winner of the Joseph R. Levenson Prize of the Association for Asian Studies), New Chinese Cinemas (1994), Popular China(2002), Revolution, Resistance, and Reform in Village China (2005), From Underground to Independent (2006), The Chinese Cultural Revolution as History(2006),Dilemmas of Victory (2007), China on the Margins (2010), Radicalism,Revolution, and Reform in Modern China (2011), China on Film (2012),and Restless China (2013). He has won three distinguished teaching awards: UC San Diego Alumni Association (1998), Chancellors Associates (2009), and Academic Senate (2003). He is associate producer of the documentary
film The Mao Years, 1949-1976 (1994).