Guest Speaker Events – October 2007

Mid-October will see two special evening events taking place.

On Thursday 18 October in Lecture Room 4 of the Appleton Tower, University of Edinburgh, George Square, Edinburgh a lecture will be delivered by Dr Boy Luethje of the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research. The topic is “Behind the China Price: Capitalist Transformation, Work & Trade Unions in China”.

A massive shift in economic power is under way with China leading the world in manufacturing and export and with prices that undercut all competitors. But for the workers, what is the real cost of the Chinese economy ?

A discussion following the presentation will be chaired by Dr Gentz, Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Edinburgh.

This event will start at 17:30 and is scheduled to finish at 19:00.

Dr Luethje has taught in Germany, the USA and Hawaii and since 2004 has been a Senior Lecturer at the Franfurt School of Social Research. His research interests include political economy of production and innovation, international division of labour, and industrial relations.
He is also a Labour educator for German unions in the information and communications industry.

The second event will take place on Friday 19 October. Entitled `Our History is Still Being Written` the evening will provide some fascinating cross-cultural history focusing as it does on the story of three Chinese -Cuban generals in the Cuban Revolution. Please see the PDF for full details.