Meet The Presenters

Introductions to many of the Jiang Wen films will be given by Chinese film experts, including professors at the University of Edinburgh.

Come along to hear from the experts:

Mon 11 March 17:50 In the Heat of the Sun – introduction by Prof Natascha Gentz
Wed 13 March 18:15 Red Sorghum – introduction by Dr Huang Xuelei
Mon 18 March 20:30 Black Snow – introduction by Prof Natascha Gentz
Thu 21 March 18:05 Keep Cool – introduction by Noemi Lemoine-Blanchard
Mon 25 March 17:45 Devils on the Doorstep – introduction by Dr Julian Ward

Dr Julian Ward

Dr Julian Ward is Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies at the University of Edinburgh. He co-founded The Journal of Chinese Cinemas, the first international journal on Chinese film studies, and co-edited, with Professor Song Hwee Lim, the prestigious Chinese Cinema Book, published by the British Film Institute in 2011. He has worked closely with the Filmhouse for many years.

Dr Huang Xuelei

Dr Xuelei Huang is Lecturer in Chinese Studies at the University of Edinburgh. She has written an award-winning book on early Chinese cinema entitled Shanghai Filmmaking: Crossing Borders and Connecting to the Globe, 1922-1938. She has been proactively engaged in promoting Chinese silent films at the HippFest in Bo’ness.

She also leads a course on Chinese silent cinema during which students have to produce original Chinese silent movies and compete for the Golden Chopstick Awards judged by an expert panel. For further information see languages-cultures/asian-studies/activities/ chinese-silent-film

Prof Natascha Gentz

In the Welcome to our Jiang Wen Retrospective programme, Natascha Gentz shares her insights into the retrospective and the history of Chinese film events coordinated by the Confucius Institute for Scotland and partners. Please see the programme here:

Prof Natascha Gentz is Assistant Principal China, Director of the Confucius Institute for Scotland and Chair of Chinese Studies at the University of Edinburgh. She has been involved in curating or overseeing events related to Chinese film, facilitating partnerships with the Beijing Film Academy, China Film Archive, Edinburgh Festivals, Hippodrome Silent Film Festival in Bo’ness (HippFest) and the Filmhouse and independent filmmakers in China.

Noemi Lemoine-Blanchard

Noemi shares her early memories of Jiang Wen films and her thoughts on this retrospective.

“For me, Jiang Wen’s films were a point of entry into Chinese cinema. I have great memories of watching In the Heat of the Sun, Devils on the Doorstep and Let the Bullets Fly in the screening rooms of the University of Edinburgh with a few classmates, which Dr Julian Ward organised. My time studying there was filled with films and discovering Chinese culture through this medium as part of the courses I took on Chinese Silent Cinema and Modern Chinese Cinema. So personally, after growing fond of Chinese films for their creativity, diversity and cultural significance, it is thrilling to have been entrusted with the organisation of this great project to share these Jiang Wen films with the wider public at Edinburgh’s arthouse cinema, the Filmhouse.

The distribution of Chinese films and the knowledge people have of Chinese cinema outside China in general has been limited. Now that the development of the Chinese film industry is picking up with incredible speed and big budget films as well as smaller scale independent films are being released in UK cinemas more regularly, it is timely to revisit the classics of this ‘unfamiliar’ cinema here. I hope that audiences in Scotland will have a chance to watch and enjoy these films, and that it will attract interest in Jiang Wen and Chinese cinema in general.”

Noemi Lemoine-Blanchard is freelance film programmer and Film Projects Manager at the Confucius Institute for Scotland. She has obtained a degree in Chinese Studies and a Masters degree in Film Exhibition & Curation at the University of Edinburgh and has studied at the prestigious Chinese Film Academy. She organised the tour of the Chinese Visual Festival in Edinburgh in 2018 and is now consultant for the CVF in London.