Chinese 6

This course is for students who have completed the Chinese 5 course or equivalent and who are independent users of the language – Enrol

Chinese 6 content

This course is the continuation of the previous course, Chinese 5, for intermediate/advanced students who already have strong foundations in learning Chinese. By the end of the course, students should be able to understand more advanced grammatical and lexical concepts, regular expressions, as well as complex written and spoken language. Students will be able to communicate confidently and effectively on a wide range of topics related to contemporary Chinese culture and society. The course also aims for students to gain a better understanding of the daily work, lives, and concerns of Chinese people today.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course students should:

  • Be familiar with Chinese daily communication.
  • Have improved listening comprehension of spoken Chinese.
  • Know more about contemporary China.

Learning Materials

Textbook: Wu Zhongwei. Ten Level Chinese (Intensive Reading). Vol. 6. Beijing: Beijing Language & Culture University – Electronic & Audiovisual Press, 2007.

This publication costs £10 and can be purchased at the Confucius Institute for Scotland in the first class of the term.