Chinese 5

Chinese 5 is a course for independent users of the language which further builds on the skill set and knowledge base already acquired. More complex grammar is introduced and the aim remains as before to enable the students to deal with most situations likely to arise when travelling in an area where Chinese is spoken and to interact with a degree of fluency.

Chinese 5.1 requires prior taught learning up to 4.3 or equivalent – Enrol
Chinese 5.2 requires prior taught learning up to 5.1 or equivalent – Enrol

Any student with prior learning who is unsure which level would best suit their ability should arrange to drop into the Institute for an assessment by one of our language teachers.

Chinese 5 Course

All course material is based on real texts for Chinese people. In addition, students will learn more about both historical and contemporary Chinese culture, including perspectives on writing, reading and listening. Various aspects of Chinese culture and society will be covered.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course students should:

  • be familiar with Chinese daily communication.
  • have improved listening comprehension of spoken Chinese.
  • know more about contemporary China.
  • know more about Chinese culture, customs, idioms, and contemporary China.

Teaching method(s)

The course is tutorial-based with a combination of class activities, group work, and use of audio-visual material as teaching aids (CDs and DVDs). The videos are edited from the original documentary Chinese broadcasts. The videos will help students visually understand the living environment, conditions and the mind-set of some contemporary Chinese people.

Learning materials

Textbook: Wu Zhongwei. Ten Level Chinese (Intensive Reading). Vol. 5. Beijing: Beijing Language & Culture University – Electronic & Audiovisual Press, 2007. This publication costs £10 and can be purchased at the Confucius Institute for Scotland in the first class of the term.